Art Direction by Lou Mensah for Air & Grace shoes A|W 16 Photos by Johanna Nyholm Styling Simone Konu

Lou knows what needs to be said and how to say it - product launches, photo shoots, she is a natural communicator, oozing wit and vision.
— Julie Leonard Producer at M.A.P Ltd + PR Manager, The Body Shop International

Photos On set stills by Lou Mensah for Marc Silver Productions

Lou is a PR whizz! Super perceptive in seeing how big brands can relate to their customers, and in seeing what we can be and how we can get there. She’s whipped up some really great smaller events, and set us up with new larger clients. Popular with the Mamas too! We love Lou!
— Jenny Scott Founder of and author of 'How to be a hip mama without losing your cool.'

Above Mothers Meeting x Whistles Promo, brand collaboration and events by Lou Mensah.